Tours and Package management


Tours, Activities, Bus Packages, Holidays

Hassle Free Inventory Management that Will Increase Your Revenue

Package management is made easy with HolidaySimply. The package management process is broken down into each individual step, where each step is scrutinised so as to achieve maximum efficiency. HolidaySimply enables you to manage all functions right from creating packages connecting with third party suppliers to differential pricing. This revolutionary software also provides integration with Google maps for geographical location.

Complete Control Over Your Inventory

Easily access, edit and search through all your accommodations, transports and tours. Unlimited number of packages, set up detailed price lists, descriptions, vacancies and other related information. Creating activities with multiple time slots can also be accomplished. The seasonal fare feature makes differential pricing management a hassle free process.

Create Custom Packages

Create packages as per your customer’s need. Selection can be done from multiple alternatives for accommodation to transportation to activities to create multiple combinations for packages.


Generate Invoices and Track Payments

Create invoices for your customers or suppliers automatically. All the relevant data (prices, taxes, payment accounts, due dates, etc.) will be pre-filled based on reservation details and partner contracts. Payments per invoices can also be tracked directly in system.

Integrate With 3rd Party Suppliers

HolidaySimply provides seamless connectivity with third party suppliers. This integration will drastically improve your business and increase your revenue. Customers will be delighted by the choice that is offered. Your packages will become more affordable as you can easily connect with the most cost effective suppliers.  

Gain Valuable Insights from Your Data

Segment your suppliers by commissions, see which partner brought in most customers, view your best performing travel products and check which employees drove the most sales. The data you gathered can help you drive educated decisions.

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