Activity and Event management


Sell Your Entrance Tickets, Walking Tours and one day Excursions

Creating your customer’s vacation an unforgettable experience for them by filling it with fun activities. With the wide range of your possible itineraries it will be more fun by just booking prices, different time slots, main services and descriptions.

Create One and Two Way Transfers

Make your customers’ vacation easier by providing them with transport services. You can define if it’s a one way or a two way transfer simply by selecting the transfer type.

Add Pick up and Drop off Locations

When you define whether the transfer is a one way or two way transfer, you can select the pickup and drop off location for each reservation. There is also a place you can use to add notes if a customer has specific wishes or orders (e.g. a city tour or a sandwich in the car).

Be Competitive and Enter Group Prices

Sell your activities to large groups of people by giving them prices they cannot refuse. You can also use different tools which help you calculate, saving your time and avoiding manual work.

Add Additional Services Rates

Add additional services as mandatory or optional. Define prices as fixed amounts or as a percentage of the basic service price. You can issue a separate voucher for each additional service or supplement by defining the supplier of this service.

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