Booking EngineBooking Engine

Accept Bookings from Around the World

Convenient package selection and checkout

With the HolidaySimply online booking engine, your customers can search, browse, and book your tours, event and activities management simply with minimal steps. You know your customers best, optimize your booking flow to increase your conversions.


Multiple Payment Gateway

With the HolidaySimply online booking engine you can integrate with numerous payment gateways to accept credit cards from all over the world. This means customers pay you directly without HolidaySimply getting into the middle. Using a payment gateway also means your customer information is safely managed. No more handling of customer credit card information or having to call for CVV numbers. HolidaySimply makes it simple to accept and process your customer credit card payments.

Flexible Currency, Taxes & Fees

HolidaySimply takes care of formatting pricing display. Do you have local taxes and fees that need to be collected during the booking process? Create tour specific tax and fee bundles that apply automatically upon check-out. Show your customers exactly what they are paying. Run reports that show your taxes and fees collected. Complete transparency in pricing means increased trust and higher conversions.

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