Safe And Reliable Integration with Service Providers and Payment GatewaysSafe And Reliable Integration with Service Providers and Payment Gateways


HolidaySimply provides world class integration services with suppliers and payment providers. Integration with GDS (Global Distribution System) is another powerful feature that helps you expand your business network. Our GDS interface allows you to expand your present distribution channels and find a niche for your products in different markets. HolidaySimply provides integration with leading payment gateways which enables secure and quick payments.

Reliable integration With Service Providers

HolidaySimply allows you to connect with multiple suppliers through a simple interface with a single search window that displays all packages and services. Agents and customers can view and book all the packages with live room and seat availability. Such a system increases your product offerings and offers customers a range of options to choose from.

Best-In-Class GDS Facilitation

GDS or Global Distribution System will highly increase the reach of your product offering. The packages on your website can be displayed on other OTA websites, from where customers will be able to book your packages. Our team will provide all relevant API documentation to achieve GDS facilitation.

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