Top 4 Ways Business Intelligence Impacts The Travel Industry

Top 4 Ways Business Intelligence Impacts The Travel Industry


Business intelligence is used around the globe in multiple industries. Travel industry fights with price wars, competitive promotional campaigns, and security issues, round the clock service availability and more! The travel industry benefits from the implementation of big data analytics solutions. As the summer nears, the travel industry is gearing up for millions of bookings and deals. Take a look how BI can take the travel industry to the next level of profitability and efficiency. 

BI Can Help Travel Agencies Set Themselves Apart

Most people don’t care about the transportation company or travel agency when booking your vacation. Business Intelligence software helps to change the customer perception of travel. Travel companies that effectively make use of Business Intelligence will effectively gain a competitive advantage in the field because they improve the overall experience of their clients.

Building a strong relationship is one of the ways to retain the customers. BI in travel agencies provide agents with complete, accurate customer profiles that streamline marketing campaigns and allow managers to strategically implement loyalty programs.

Pricing Calculations Become More Accurate

As travel is expensive, everyone wants a good deal on their vacation. This is why travel agencies offer the most attractive deals and rates during the season. Travel agencies must have the real-time information about the state of the market at any particular time. Business Intelligence provides accurate information about flight trends, price variations across the board, and operating capacity for various travel destinations at any time of the year. With this information, travel agencies can optimize their own prices to improve traffic so as while retaining a rising profit margin.

Better Asset Management

To maintain the travel agencies assets, high performance and safety are two of the main goals in this regard. The safer assets can cost a lot of money as they require maintenance and replacement. BI allows you to obtain the detailed information about operations and analytical data on all processes within the industry. When information is clearly and efficiently presented, asset management becomes infinitely easier.

Possible Challenges for BI in the Travel Industry

Business Intelligence allows to gain a better understanding of the customers and provide more effective decisions. Data storage is a costly process, knowing the right type of data to use in the BI processes can reduce costs too.

Overall, the Business Intelligence solutions allow for better asset management, decision making, improved customer loyalty, and satisfaction. If you haven’t implemented BI in your travel agencies yet, work with business intelligence and watch your company take off.

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