Social Media : Influence on Travel Industry

Social Media : Influence on Travel Industry


Social media has made a huge impact on every major industry across the world. The growth of Travel and tourism industry is heavily based on the opinions, social networks, and recommendations, from friends and family members, more than any other form of advertising. Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have a big influence in the world. Take a closer look at the impact of social media on the travel to understand the decision of marketing activity on the tourism industry.

Social Platforms
Most of the time people usually get recommendations from social ads, when they are searching for a new travel destination. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube allow customers to easily share tips and suggestions, which can be enormously valuable when positive. Travelers post their vacation videos and pictures in social networks and they also check-in to locations. After their vacation, people post online reviews about the travels and places, This allows tourism agencies to gain more clients owing to a free advertisement of these unexplored destinations
A blog is a discussion about the particular topic or subject in which people are very much interested to read. Usually, travelers read more blog as they want to know about new destinations and reviews of the places. This also gains free advertising for travel and tourism companies and helps to generate leads than those who did not have one.
Video or photo sharing
The travel and tourism agencies are able to make announcements about their offers and traveling destinations with ease. Being active on social media gives additional business for the travel agencies. Share tour packages and offers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, to advertise your package Among all these social networks, Facebook is the winner, You can follow the people in these social networks to understand their
requirements and to suggest them the best package.
Social media is influencing traveling and tourism industry in a positive way. This new of promotional activities and communication with the people is an added benefit for the industry.

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